After School


Specifically, our staff aims to help our school-agers:


  • Contribute their ideas (communicate)
  • Use their imagination and seek new experiences (creativity)
  • Appreciate and believe in themselves (self esteem)
  • Practice good manners (social skills)
  • Exercise thinking skills (decision making)
  • Promote good health habits and physical development (motor skills)
  • Learn to care for themselves and their environment (real life skills)
  • Handle their differences diplomatically (conflict resolution)


  • Staff: Carol Franco - Scott Shoup - Trudy Shields - Gwenn Miller - Tracy Walker - Irene DeMarco

  • Monthly newsletters will be emailed for your convenience

  • You are required to provide your own snack, however we provide a beverage
    • Birthday celebration will be celebrated on the first Friday of the month with special treats from Be Safe​. 
  • Be Safe is not responsible for lost or broken items





Sample of Activities


       Gross Motor Activities - Indoor and Outdoor


       Interest Centers - Games, Computer, Crafts, Legos, Discovery, Pretend and Play, Building, Writing


       Individual Activities - Ongoing projects in which a child may pursue interests like puzzles and journaling


       Supervised homework time and quiet reading

       Lessons - Art, Piano, Karate 


       Planned Group Activities - Scheduled in Newsletter


       Environmental Studies - Access to Butz Elementary School Environmental Center


       Contact with Community - Resource People

       Practical Life Skills - Health and Safety