The Buzz...About Us

     Kenneth N. Butz Jr. Elementary School was the first school in the district to address the issues of childcare for working parents. With the approval of the school district for the use of the school's facilities, Be Safe applied for state licensing. Today, it is in its 32nd year serving preschoolers and school age students. This endeavor has always been financed solely through Pennsylvania state grants and monthly fees. This enables Be Safe to maintain high quality programs at affordable prices.


    Currently, Be Safe serves approximately 110 children throughout the day with a staff of 8. It is our belief that is it is not enough to place children in an environment that is well equipped with a safe place to play, but also it is very important to surround them with warm and friendly people who are well trained and sensitive to children's needs and feelings. Be Safe is proud of its staff which is degreed and experienced, and who are residents and former students in our district.